How to Restrict Access to Electronic Documents

If you’re storing personal information about your customers and staff and confidential business plans or sensitive legal documents it is important to ensure that they are secure. It is crucial to ensure they are not accessible to anyone else than those who have been granted permission to access them. They should also be protected from being printed, copied, or modified.

Ideally, you should utilize a document management system that can assist with the restriction of access to electronic documents. A well-designed document management system will come with audit trails and monitors that can detect suspicious activity. It will also prevent people from committing fraud by using firm passwords and usernames to gain access to private company email accounts or other sensitive areas of the system. This will prevent them from copying your private files onto USB devices, and redistributing them to unauthorized locations.

Click the Permissions icon to limit access to an individual document. You’ll be able choose from a selection of access levels. You could, for instance, give Ranjit permission to view a specific document, but not modify it. Once you’ve done this it will display a message informing you that the document is rights-managed.

When you submit a request for an enclosure or seal to restrict access to an entire case where a file is. If the court accepts your request and all documents filed in the case will remain secret until you decide whether to remove them.






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